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Tentative hello

Waving hello to the world of blogging. For a while now people have been suggesting that I start a blog about my recent experiences and I have been resisting a little – isn’t blogging a little self indulgent? Why would I assume anyone would want to read what I say? But then a friend told me that what I have to say might be of help to people who are going through a similar process so here I am. As it says above I wear many hats – mother, medical student, wife, teacher, daughter, friend, sister, aspiring domestic goddess – and for the past couple of years I have been grappling with an unwelcome new accessory – a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. This blog will explore the process of becoming ill and being diagnosed and will also explore how life goes on and the other hats that are still worn. I can’t promise it will be ground-breaking, I can’t promise that it will always be about MS, I can’t even promise it will be interesting, but my hope is that it might give people an insight into living a life with MS and to that end I hope it may be helpful.


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