No news

It occurs to me that I am the worst blogger because I keep neglecting to post. This is because the blog is supposed to educate and inform about MS and MS is the least significant aspect of day-to-day life at the moment.

But then it occured to me that I could tell you (and more specifically those newly diagnosed and stumbling over this blog) that: that three years on, at the moment, I have neither headspace nor need to think about MS every day.

No room for it amongst work/children/Mr C/friends/playground politics/endless domestic admin/holidays/feeble attempts at running (yuck)/reading/drooling over cookbooks/mooning over dress catalogues/fannying around on the internet.

And no need because everything seems to be in relatively good working order.

Hope everyone else is finding things to help them relegate the rubbish to the bottom of the pile.